About Us

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading industrial unit manufacturing various types of BALL VALVES the brand name of  “SHENCO”.
SHENCO stainless steel ball valve in investment casting is purely and solely the total concept of SHENCO in India.
SHENCO is a brand name what people today trust upon, because it is not merely a brand name but commitment to quality, reliability, proven performance and service. That is why not we, but our clients call these valves as “FIT & FORGET” ball valves.
SHENCO ball valves have already crossed 22,00,000 number mark just in twenty years time of its inception. SHENCO ball valves are manufactured and tested under strict quality control measures.
All raw materials meet the appropriate ASTM specifications. SHENCO ball valves are fully guaranteed quality and against any manufacturing defects.


The company’s management strictly complies with up to dated enterprise system, and its quality management system is running well and perfect, The Company has attached great importance to the introduction and education for the scientific and technical staffs.
We always adhere to the philosophy of survival from quality and development from technology, by carrying out overall quality control, we are committed to providing your with outstanding and continuously upgraded product and service by superior equipments, reasonable design, professional production, quality concept stressing equally on appearance and interiority, the service awareness of customers foremost, as well as competitive cost.
We are provided with a complete corporate management structure including technical dept., production dept., sales dept., quality dept. and finance dept., more then 50 sets of advanced matching and test equipments and test procedure, and these ensure all valve products in high quality.


Though, the name of the organization may appear as New to you, Yet, we have been in business since 1981 in the name of SHAKTI ENGINEERING COMPANY, who introduced SHENCO brand name in 1985 with the sole concept of investment casting. We are proud to spell-out that Shenco has already crossed 22,00,000 numbers mark just in twenty years of its inception. The inceptions of this company was being pioneerised by Late Shri Hasmukhbhai C. Panchal, who had been associated with the valve industry for over a period of two decades. Our company was incorporated in January 1991, with a team of qualified engineers to serve our clients more efficiently.

Our Vision

We vision to become a leading global entity in the field of “Valves and Fluid Transfer Equipment” with a remarkable market share and a very well developed customer base. And to achieve our set goal, we aspire to provide our customers with superlative quality products in bulk availability, best after sale service through continuous improvement. Moreover we also focus on fulfilling their needs with best suiting custom designed solutions through rigorous research and development.


Our factory is situated at Kothari Industrial Estate-I, Village : Santej, Tal. : Kalol, Dist. : Gandhinagar, North Gujarat, is fully equipped with precision machines and facilities for the manufacturing and testing of Ball Valves


All the incoming material is subject to vigorous chemical, physical & dimensional check as per the laid down quality requirements.


When late Mr. Maheshkumar Panchal established Shenco Valves Pvt. Ltd, he brought with him decades of practical field experience. His in depth knowledge of the special demands of critical service valves for the processing petrochemical and pipeline industries was to provide a unique asset to the company.
It has been this asset i.e. thorough knowledge & constant research & development because of which shenco valves pvt. Ltd. survive have flourished through two decades while other companies of it’s generation have not been able to maintain the same rate of growth.
In 1988, Shenco relocated its manufacturing activities at Santej. This 7200 square feet building was specially designed to provide complete and efficient service to meet the needs of all valve market participants including end users, engineering contractors and distributors.
Shenco maintains a very large inventory of ball valves. We are dedicated to provide quality and reliability in products and service and our extensive experience guarantees a high level of craftsmanship, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.
After the unfortunate demise of Mr. Maheshkumar Panchal, we at Shenco are committed to the mission set forth by him
To get there we will…

  • Do what is right, even when that is the hardest thing to do ?
  • Treat everyone with honesty integrity, respect and courtesy, and we will expect the same in return.
  • Listen with care when others speak, and we will speak with care when others listen.
  • Provide our employees authority to meet their responsibilities.
  • Build products that are performance leaders, cost effective and reliable.
  • Recognize that our customer’s reputation depends on our ability to consistently provide quality products, in required quantities, on time every times.
  • Remain flexible and fleet, providing rapid unique solutions as our customer’s needs change.